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New Year’s Resolutions… 5 years from today.

On New Year’s Eve, Lyn and I visited Annapolis for dinner.  While strolling the streets still decorated for the holidays, we ducked into a quaint shop (mainly to warm up).  There was a tremendous variety of merchandise from jewelry to handbags to books.

A bright red book with the number 5 on it caught my attention asking the question, “Where will you be…five years from today?”  I bought it.  This seemed like the perfect start to inspire my New Year’s Resolutions.  We started over dinner.  The clock in the steeple of St. Anne’s Church ticked towards midnight.   A light snow drifted past our window.

I love January 1st.  It is my father’s birthday and the fresh start of a brand new year.  I love Sundays.  I love mornings.  I love the sense that I can live into a better version of myself.  Positive thinking & optimism – it is in my DNA.

Growing up as the daughter of an Olympic athlete and the daughter of a sailing captain who traveled the world (seriously! and that was AFTER she had a full career as a teacher), the bar was set high for achievement.  Good grades were expected.  Academic merit and creative work was inspired.  I grew up a competitive figure skater and competed until pretty recently.  I’ve set goals for as long as I can remember.  Before that, they were set for me.

So, it is nearly February and I haven’t cracked the book since January 2nd.  I’m feeling a little guilty; however, tonight I feel re-inspired. I think it is the fitbit graph that calls me to enter itty bitty bits of progress and data throughout my day (purchased just a week ago).

So, tonight, I’m cracking the book.  The jacket cover certainly beckons:

Each year life offers itself to us in an endless number of ways.  Each moment comes to us with both hands filled with gifts, marvels, opportuniteis and adventures — but we seldom see or accept more than a tiny fraction of the exciting possibilities around us….  This book celebrates the “want to’s,” the “choose to’s” and the “I can’t wait to’s” in your life…. You are a hero of this story.

Cool.  Join me.

Where will you be...five years from today?
Where will you be…five years from today?
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