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St. Nicholas Day Eve (an ode to shoes)- 12.5.2014

St. Nicholas Day
St. Nicholas Day

In Europe, particularly Germany, on the evening of December 5, children put out their shoes for special treats from St. Nicholas.

At 10pm the night before, I was home with my husband Lyn.  I got an urgent text from my Mom, who lives (I later learned) 1.4 miles away, that she needed some help.  I pulled on my Mickey Mouse Sketchers (bought at Disney World a few years ago when I chaperoned a trip for my son) and drove to my Mothers.  She needed some juice opened and some other liquids to help keep her hydrated.  After about a half-hour, I left making sure I securely locked the door.  So securely – it turns out – that I locked myself out.  My keys and phone were inside.

I rang the bell a few times, but to no avail.  I knew my Mom was upstairs and without her hearing aides.  I walked around her townhouse seeing whether a door was open or there was a way to get in.  No luck.  So, I began my treck home.

I have never thought i could run, but tonight dressed in just a thin long-sleeved t-shirt and yoga pants, I thought it would be best to jog to work up some warmth.  I made my way through her neighborhood jogging and then to the bike path running through Severna Park.

I didn’t want to be plunged into total darkness, so I stayed along the busier street.  My shins were sqwalking and my heels hurt, but pressed on.   I had to.  I walked into our neighborhood which I have walked with our doggie, but this time it felt unfamiliar.  It was dark.  It was cold.  I was tired.

I made it home about 20 minutes later.  No coat.  No phone.  No keys. Fortunately, we had a spare set outside I could use to let myself in.

My sketchers got me home.  The next morning, I pulled on some grey sketchers for my Mom on her way to a medical procedure.  We spent most of the day together.  This was a precious opportunity.  We enjoyed a lunch and some browsing of shops in Baltimore.

After a long day, I am now curled up with my husband in a cozy room.  On this St. Nicholas Day, my fuzzy slippers are on.  I don’t know if St. Nicholas will leave me treats in my shoes tomorrow morning.  Upon reflection, I think the day itself was the treat.

Traditions are important.  What are some of yours?

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